How Can I Benefit From A Platinum ATM?

Zero Investment - 100% Profit:
All businesses that we place our free ATM’s in, will be pleased to know that we do not require payment of any kind and there are no hidden fees or additional costs. This means, it will never cost a business owner money to have a free Platinum ATM set up and operate at their location.


 Our clients always get paid. For every transaction, each client will be given a commission, and at the end of the month, receive a check in the mail based on the ATM’s performance. For example, at a 25 cent commission per transaction, every 400 transactions the business receives $100 for that month. At that rate, after 12 months, our client would have made $1,200 for the year, for doing absolutely no work. No matter how little, or how much, a Platinum ATM makes, we will always ensure our clients are satisfied with the results.

Increased Foot Traffic:

 When a business has clear signage of an ATM, that business will automatically attract more customers for the purpose of using that ATM only. These people have now turned into potential customers, who otherwise would have skipped over the business. This gives the business an increased opportunity to sell their products or services.

Increased Sales:

 Research shows that ATM users will spend more of their withdrawal in the same store the ATM is located. Combined with more foot traffic, this could increase your sales by a large amount.

Promote Impulse Buying:

 Studies show ATM users spend 20% - 25% more in a given location than traditional credit card users – cash vs. plastic.

Reduce Card Fees: 

As a business owner, you understand each transaction involving a credit or debit card, a percentage of that is taken for merchant processing fees. Even the smallest fees can add up to large amounts. By placing a free Platinum ATM in your business, you not only save money through avoiding those merchant fees, but you also make money by allowing an ATM to be in your business; all with your increased foot traffic of course!

Customer Retention:

 Sometimes you may have a customer enter your business either looking for an ATM, or a customer who needs an ATM to make a purchase. If you have no ATM, you will be forced to send them elsewhere in someone else's business, giving them the opportunity to capitalize on this potential customer. The customers might not even come back after leaving your business. However, with a free Platinum ATM, you will be able to retain your customers longer by giving them the convenience to spend in your business without going through much hassle.