Are There Any Hidden Fees? Monthly Charges?

Not at all. No business will be charged for the setup, maintenance, and life of a free Platinum ATM in any location.

How Do I Load The Money Into The ATM?

You don’t! No client of ours is expected to load any funds into the Platinum ATM. As a complimentary service it is our responsibility to maintain the funds of the ATM, as well as guarantee the ATM runs smooth and efficient. This allows you to run your business without stressing over your free ATM placement.

My Company Accepts Credit Cards - Is It Still Worth It To Place An ATM In Our Business?

Yes! Besides the fact that you will SAVE money from your merchant fees, you will also have customers increase their spending in your establishment. ATM experts have cited research from Europe indicating that an ATM increased cash-spend as much as 30%. This means if a customer withdraws $100 at an ATM, there is a higher chance of them using $30 in your store, with the cash they withdrew.

Why Would An ATM Benefit My Business?

Having an ATM would increase your foot traffic which also exposes more potential customers to your business. Also, if your business is cash only, it makes an ATM in your business even more beneficial. You're more likely to keep customers indoors instead of making them leave to find an ATM. Why not please your customers and have an ATM machine inside your business?

Who Is Responsible For Maintenance And Repairs?

Platinum ATM Services handles any and all matters regarding the ATM machines. We have 24/7 customer support for any of your ATM needs. We will maintain, upkeep, and repair all of our Platinum ATM's at all of our locations.

Does The Business Owner Make Money?

Yes! Because you get a commission for every transaction, price margins will vary. Depending on how much traffic goes in to your location, you can expect a certain amount in return. The more the ATM is used, the more the machine owner and store owner gets paid.


Are There Any Requirements For Placing An ATM In Our Business?

Qualifying for a free Platinum ATM placement in your business is a very simple process. By contacting us we can give you a free consultation at your business regarding certain guidelines we have involving the safety, security, and number of foot traffic. However, all businesses are welcomed and encouraged to reach out to us. After all the requirements have been met, we can have a free Platinum ATM placement in your location installed and ready to operate within 10 days.

What’s Included In Our Free Platinum ATM Placement?


-ATM Cash Loading

-ATM Service Provider (ISO)

-ATM Maintenance

-24/7 Customer Support